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TeroTuf Scales - Purple

TeroTuf Scales - Purple

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TeroTuf Scales in a beautiful Lavender Purple.

TeroTuf is a newer composite to the market.  It's texture is similar to canvas Micarta, but TeroTuf is made from 100% polyester resin and fabric, rather than phenolic and cotton or glass fabric.  Because TeroTuf is made from 100% polyester, it is completely non-toxic (as with all material, we still recommend wearing protection while grinding though).

TeroTuf has a couple of other advantages over Micarta/phenolics too.  On top of offering exceptional grip, TeroTuf excels in shock absorption and has been featured on several national champion choppers!  Another hallmark of TeroTuf is its fantastic colorfastness.  The material has been tested by Ochs Sherworx and has exhibited no noticeable change in color after twenty-seven consecutive weeks on the sun!

This is a U.S. made material.

Scales are sold in multiple sizes, and are sold in sets of two.

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