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Knife Handle Supply

Orange Canvas, Bone Linen Rag/Burl Phenolic

Orange Canvas, Bone Linen Rag/Burl Phenolic

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Orange canvas and linen bound with phenolic resin come together to make one incredible rag/burl composite!  

Specially pressed for Knife Handle Supply by Current Composites, this is made a bit differently than most modern decorative cloth composites.  Instead of epoxy resin, this material was specifically pressed with phenolic resin.  This means the rag/burl will continue to patina/age as time goes by, just like the rag recipes from days past!

Because it's made with a phenolic resin, it is also more resistant to chemicals, and also tends to warp less when grinding.  Very fun material!

Slabs measure 6" x 3" x .26" and are sold individually.

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