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Current Composites Butterscotch Paper Micarta

Current Composites Butterscotch Paper Micarta

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Vintage, Current Composites Butterscotch Paper Micarta Scales.

Absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous butterscotch paper phenolic with one heck of a patina!

Gorgeous outer bark fades into the indulgent orange butterscotch we all love!

This material will start out a fairly vibrant butterscotch color, but will quickly patina into a more caramel color with time.

We have done our best to sort this material into sets of scales with the dark patina in the center, and sets of scales with no patina/light patinas in the center.  Because of the age of this material, and the tendency of phenolic patinas to do what they want...  There is no way to guarantee what will be on the inside.

These scales measure 6" x 1.5" x .25" and are sold in sets of two.

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