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Knife Handle Supply

Burl Micarta Scales - Veda

Burl Micarta Scales - Veda

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Green canvas, brown canvas, and double black canvas layered together with phenolic resin combine to make one incredible rag Micarta!  We call this color combination Veda, after our twenty+ year old royal python!

Specially pressed for Knife Handle Supply by Current Composites, this is made a bit differently than most modern decorative cloth composites.  Instead of epoxy resin, this material was specifically pressed with phenolic resin.  This means the rag/burl will continue to patina/age as time goes by, just like the rag recipes from days past!

Because it is made with a phenolic resin, it is also more resistant to chemicals, tends to warp less when grinding, and has more wear resistance that epoxy based composites.  Very fun material!

The first photo shows the scales unsanded, how they will ship.  The second photo shows the material sanded to 800 grit.  The video show the material raw, at 800 grit, and at 5,000 grit.

Scales are sold in multiple sizes, and are sold in sets of two.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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